About Us

We have been filming Weddings since 2005, but nowadays it`s been called cinematographe. Beside of covering Wedding Videos, me and my team also deals with commercial movies, feature films, TV shows, promo videos, clips, animations and business conferences. This means that we`ve been working in the filming business all year around.

Since 2015 we are present in two different countries: Hungary and Ireland.

Honor is ours that year by year more and more couple trust in us. With every videos we would like to make our customers happy, satisfied and creat something permanent. Our goal is to reflect all the happines, love, joy what couples share with us. We completely melt in their most happiest day in life and joyful moments.

I rather prefer shorter shots which last for about 20-25mins. Generally we cut shorter versions, since a longer one loses it`s professional art and expression. Long cuts are rather documentary profiles than enjoyable shots. We don not work with fixed camers shoting from one angle. We continuously moving from one side to another aming to get the best side and moments of the celebrated couple. Once we have all those shots we have the possibility to creat an amazing wedding movie of the best moments.

We are fully updated and we use the latest DSLR technology. With this technology we are able to make the best out of everything, even having difficulties with low quality lights etc., but still we can creat sharp films with great quality. That`s what makes a difference between a ready made movie and a professional film. Our aim is to creat the Best for You!

Sznák Ádám





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Wedding Film


  • none>Preparation from the beginning up till 1 am.
  • none>Professional post production of 20-25 mins of wedding film
  • none>Personalized DVD with menu and also chapter selection in Full HD quality on a pendrive
  • none>5 mins full HD summary clip of the best moments
  • none>Two copies of printed DVDs in a nice gift box
  • none>All cost are included
  • none>Full HD resolution

Second Cameraman


  • none>We have to possibility to record the wedding from more aspects
  • none>The end result is more livelier and varied

Animated slideshow


  • none>Animated slideshow